Burdock herb

Burdock is native plant in Asia and Europe, but it is also growing in the United States. The deep roots of this herb are very long and the outer shell color is brown close to black. For centuries, its root has been used in medicine community to treat a variety of conditions. Traditionally, it is used more as a diuretic and digestive aid.

burdock root

Protecting the liver

Burdock herb is a natural antioxidant that can reduce inflammatory factors in the fatty liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver and prevents oxidation lipids in the fatty liver. Reducing inflammation in liver disease helps faster healing of liver conditions.

According to animal studies published in 2000, burdock (a plant often used as a natural detoxification medicine) protects the liver cells against damage of Acetaminophen to the liver’s cells.

Antioxidant tank

Research in 2010 has shown that burdock root contains a variety of potent antioxidants such as Quercetin, Lecithin and phenol acid. Antioxidants protect body cells against damage from free radicals. They can help in the treatment and prevention of a variety of different health conditions. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation. A 2014 study found that burdock root for patients with osteoarthritis reduced inflammatory factors in the blood.

burdock is effective in liver detoxification

Blood Detoxification

One of the most commonly used traditional uses for burdock roots is the detoxification of blood. Recent evidence has shown that root can remove toxins from the bloodstream. A 2011 study found that Burdock effectively cleans up and increases blood circulation. Inhibition of some type of cancers: A study of 2011 also showed that burdock has a strong inhibitory effect on the growth of tumors, such as pancreatic carcinoma. Another study in 2016 showed that the root of this herb significantly defeats the growth of cancer cells. There is a need for further research in this field.

High Blood glucose and diabetes treatment

Research in 2014 showed that the root of burdock can significantly reduce blood glucose levels. The fermented root significantly reduced blood glucose levels in mice.


Burdock’s Root can be a diuretic. Diuretics help remove excess water from the body, it is useful for people with edema (swelling).

how to use burdock

How to use Burdock?

Traditionally, the root of burdock is used as a vegetable in Japan and in some parts of Europe and people are adding it to their diet due to well-known health benefits. It can also be used in boiling water and as a tea. You can use it as a supplement like Hepaticall herbal caps in various forms from the capsule to the tincture.