Sabour Darou Darman Goostar Company has been established for the purpose of producing and introducing natural and herbal products with the best quality for the Iranian community.

Currently, it is active in the field of producing, distributing and marketing herbal and natural products in two areas of food supplements and cosmetic products.

The company cooperates with the Shafatab Darou Co. in the production and introduction of two lines of pharmaceutical and medicinal products based on herbal and mineral base.

Herbal Supplements line, Jicall. Herbal and mineral Skin Care line, Silcare.

Our mission:

provide high quality and natural products that meet the needs of the community

Our vision:

Being one of the leading Iranian brands in Iran’s herbal and natural products.

Our Values:

  • For the young team of Sabour pharma, finding the needs of the community and trying to find solutions is valuable. In this regard, by effectively communicating with the medical team and patients in different fields, we try to find the needs and be able to get the most up-to-date and efficient herbal products.
  • A solid formulation is another of the values ​​of our team, which for providing it we are cooperating with universities and use academic studies.
  • Without effective communication with the consumers, we cannot ensure the correctness of our work process, thus, we are trying to establish a communication environment to communicate faster and receive suggestions.
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